L.K. DeFrances & Associates is an award-winning interior design firm whose reputation is built on delivering interiors that are both classic in appeal (style) and modern in context.   From experience, LKD melds established design principles with fashion-forward concepts often expressed through couture-style details.

LKD is known for its focus on developing a strong relationship between the architectural back drop of a project and the interior furnishings concept. LKD employs the use of special millwork, panel detail and lighting features which not only enhance the end result, but sets the firm’s designs apart from others.

Through training and experience, LKD is expert at the use of proper scale and proportion; contextual and innovative material selection; and extensive knowledge of appropriate resources to deliver results that far exceed the client’s vision and expectation. 


Design philosophy: Lisa K DeFrances, ASID and President, knows from experience that employing classic design principals of scale and proportion, color balance elevates the home environment for those who live there. Being both an internal and external experience, good design supports and ensures an individual proper rest, security, comfort and pleasure. Confronted daily with the demands of a quickly changing world, individuals need and want home to be a safe place to let their guard down, get re-centered and refocused on what is important to most: family, friends and spiritual well being.  Creating interiors that support these beliefs is LKD's primary goal on every project.

While adept at the use of well-crafted neutral palettes that weave subtle shadings with textured detail as well as fresh, colorful design solutions, Lisa finds most inspiration comes from her client’s own preference and lifestyle.  She finds her best projects result from clients well-versed about their own likes and dislikes.

Background:  Formerly from Ohio, Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in interior design from Kent State University. She has been a professional member of The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) for over twenty-five years and has been licensed to practice interior design in the State of Florida since 1989. She is the recipient of many design awards over the years.

Community Involvement:  Lisa’s commitment to excellence in the interior design field extends to her commitment to the local community. L.K. DeFrances & Associates has supported:

  • Atlantic Classical Orchestra

  • The Humane Society

  • Hibiscus Children’s Home

  • Community Service Alliance

  • McKee Botanical Gardens

  • Riverside Theatre

  • United Way

  • Children’s Home Society

  • National Philanthropy Day


Each new project and relationship brings an opportunity and obligation to understand what is important to that client and develop and present design solutions that are appropriate and fitting.  A concept that works well for one client may not work for the next.  This awareness keeps the focus on client wants, needs and priorities.

The initial consultation will provide an opportunity to determine if both design aesthetic and personal approach are a fit for the client and designer.

LKD is committed to working with clients in a way that makes sense to both parties.  Given there are many models of providing services and structuring fees today,  LKD's ability to be flexible and provide different options allows the client a choice in the process based on their own needs and experience.